Construction investments

We carry out real estate investments in European countries such as Spain, Norway and Poland. We look for potential investments, we check the legal status, the possibilities of the land development and the compliance of the project in accordance with current local regulations.

We design and execute the construction process to the acceptance. We manage all the procedures related with the acceptance; and in the case of flats, we organize their sale at the design stage. We help hotel chains in organizing the recruiting process and the final start-up of the facilities.

If you own a property that is a potential site for the construction of a hotel or flats, we will help you to find an investor or funds for the design and contracting. We will handle the entire design and construction process as well as the sale.

We have tailor-made offers for each type of investor. Both for customers who want to invest their capital in building plots and for those who want to invest only in the purchase of land. We have many different offers that will allow you to increase your investment effectively. We carefully verify all the investment options proposed and guarantee a reliable follow-up in accordance with the expectations of each one of our clients.

We provide legal, accounting, technical and financial advice.