Employee recruitment

By commissioning us the employee selection for work in Scandinavia, you can be assured that we will provide a suitable team for the needs of your company.
We specialize in hiring technical workers in the following branches of the industry:
– mechanical ventilation
– air conditioning, freon and chilled water refrigeration systems
– hydraulic
– heat pumps
– photovoltaic power stations

Each recruitment process begins with a thorough knowledge of the customer’s needs and expectations. We can hire just a few people as well as a whole team.

In addition, we have several companies that can comprehensively perform the entrusted project. As an engineering company, we know how important people are!
As specialists in human resources management, we provide:
– Fast and efficient communication.
– Short recruiting period
– The best people for each position
– Organization of accommodation and means of transport
– Employee health and safety training
– Preparation of the workplace
– Coordination during work
– Quick organization of reserve workers

Write to us and we will undoubtedly find the most suitable team to meet your needs!

For you worker: if you have experience in the HVAC industry, heat pumps and photovoltaic energy, as well as being willing to enter a new job market, Norway, this is your opportunity. Download the application, complete it and send it to us.